Wheels Driving School

Welcome to Wheels Driving School. Here at wheels we help the learner everyway possible to pass their driving test. From the beginner to those that can drive.

We are vey patient instructors and will at all times make the learner feel as comfortable as possible. We have dual controls in the vehicle to prevent any possible mishap from occuring. For first time learners, we use a quite area , away from busy streets etc, so as to let the learner feel at ease. At no time will we put the learner into difficult situations which they can,t handle. Parking is done on grounds where the poles are already setup. We show the client how to reverse into these bays using the poles as markers. Parking is good practice for using the clutch and for incline starts.

How many lessons the learner will need up to a test depends on each individual. Some take a few more than others. On average, the beginner would need a minium of ten to fifteen lessons. Again this depends on their progress.

Please phone us for more information or anything else you need to know.