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Lulaway Smart Recruitment

Lulaway was established after we recognised the difficulties corporate employers were experiencing with recruiting entry-level and semi-skilled staff. We discovered that two main factors were acting as obstacles in this regard
Open positions were not publicised effectively enough to reach the suitable candidates.
Recruiters did not have the structures in place to effectively vet potential employees and establish their suitability for a position.
Helping Job Seekers
Determined to provide a beneficial service to unprivileged communities, we sought to help competent job seekers find suitable employers and provided mechanisms with which candidates could properly illustrate their skill sets.
Today, with the backing of the Gauteng Provincial Government, our company provides a vital service in reducing national unemployment, while providing guaranteed candidate assurance.
Providing Quality Staff Solutions for Employers
Even though South Africa has a high unemployment rate, many employers complain about a shortage of skilled labour in South Africa, for entry-level and semi-skilled positions. 
However, we find that the problem lies in the difficulty these two parties have in finding each other.
We combat this problem with innovation and social awareness by presenting businesses with scientifically tested and pre-screened candidates, who otherwise would not have been able to effectively market themselves in the modern job sector