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Grant Hamel
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    Afrikaans, English
  • Drivers License Codes:
    Code Eb, Code B
  • Learners License Codes:
    Code Eb, Code B, Code Ec, Code A, Code A1, Code C1, Code C, Code Ec1
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Grant Hamel is passionate about people. He loves growing, glowing and blossoming people, making a difference in their lives. He started teaching at a young age, at 10 years old he was teaching his friends to ride a bicycle, and he has stopped growing himself or those around him. Integrating the best that the world has on driving, training and personal growth with some advanced technologies of psychology (NLP) and more. He took his driving instruction to the highest level through being trained with the best of the traffic department in Johannesburg and qualified through IAM, SAIDI, K53 and Advanced Driving Methodologies. Grant was born an bred in Cape Town, and lives in Milnerton, Cape Town with his wife, two daughters, two dogs and a cat, who all love the Cape Town beach walks (except maybe the cat). He also trains NLP at SACAP and loves integrating the best technologies towards helping his students to pass easily and effortlessly.

"Driving Instruction is one of the biggest joys of my life and my real reward is to see my learner's blossom before my very eyes. It is my mobile workshop where we get to play with technologies that work. I have so much fun coaching my clients I am delighted to earn my living this way."

- Grant
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