Driving Coach

We are a dedicated group of highly specialised individuals and coaches who care about making a difference. Our dream is to assist all people within Cape Town, Southern Africa towards fulfilling their growth needs specifically through driving. We have since grown to 4 coaches and 2 staff members that man the office.

Our Coaches:

Delme Grant

Our coaches are highly trained and focused on assisting you in every way towards achieving your outcomes. They have walked the journey ahead of you and continue to do so each year as they are assessed and re-certified annually. They also are committed to a Constant and Never-ending Improvement Process (CANIP) towards enhancing their own skills towards assisting you better towards achieving your outcomes.

What we do:

What makes the Driving Coach different from your average Driving School in Cape Town : We recognise that the number one factor inhibiting people from learning to drive and obtaining their drivers licence is nerves, and as such we leverage the technology of NLP (behavioural psychology) towards helping our clients maintain a positive state, and achieving success on purpose or deliberately. We start with some simple beliefs, that clients already possess all the resources that they require, there is not such thing as failure only feedback, and we learn best through a reflective experiential process. We communicate this to our clients, and through providing a safe environment we assist our clients to learn is the most effective way,rapidly and confidently.


Grant Hamel, & Delme Petersen established The Driving Coach as a CC in August 2006. Simply using a Website and a well branded vehicle, and leveraging the NLP technology into straightforward driving instruction, Grant and Delme established a winning formula that "is the difference that makes the difference".
We have found that over a two year period the success of our clients is not only rapid and practical, it is also lasting and sustainable, that encompasses so much more then mere driver training. In 2008 The Driving Coach evolved to starting a new instructor and towards mid year gaining a manager. The business is still in the process of evolving business systems, and establishing standards.