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Instructor: Stephen Roland

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The driving school was founded in 2002 with Stephen, the proud owner. He has a proven record and has served on various bodies. He is passionate about training and has a very good pass rate. As any good instructor, Stephen has a valid instructors certificate and his training is based on becoming a safe, competent and responsible  driver. If you obtain these qualities, you will pass your drivers test.

Stephen has had valuable training himself and therefore is an ideal instructor as road safety is a high priority.  He is reliable, patient and has a friendly personality. Nervous people often thrive with Stephen as he has a gentle way of teaching.

The vehicle is insured and you receive a progress report as you progress in your training. Hazard perception training also forms part of the training to prepare you for your test and mainly for the road ahead, when you are on your own. 

Stephen is also Ass. Director of a non-profit organisation for road safety. This shows his passion for road safety and is an assurance that you are in very good hands.