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eNaTIS Licence Appointment Booking System

December 19th, 2007  |  Published in General News  |  1 Comment

At the moment the new system has been trial run at Witbank driving licence testing centre in Mpumalanga. It has so far been successful pilot and in coming months the new eNaTIS licence appointment booking system will be rolled out at other centres in Mpumulanga. Once it is widely adopted the system will benefit members of the public and traffic authorities in all South Africa’s provinces.

This is good news. One small careful step at a time and soon we’ll have a licence booking system that actually works and makes it more difficult and for corruption to arise.

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The eNaTIS booking system brings numerous advantages:

  • It is integrated with related transactions on the eNaTIS, thus streamlining the learner’s/driving licence process.
  • Since it will be available countrywide, it will be possible to implement uniform processes nationally.
  • It ensures that the available capacity in terms of driving licence testing centres and examiners is utilised optimally, thus going a long way towards alleviating the frustration currently experienced by members of the public.
  • A transparent process is followed in allocating bookings.

… fraud prevention is one of the main features of the system. Corrupt practices will be eliminated in the following ways:

  • The availability of appointments is determined and managed by the eNaTIS. As a result officials at driving licence testing centres (DLTCs) will not be able to give preference to specific applicants by reserving appointment dates or times for them.
  • The system determines the earliest available appointment date and time for an applicant. Unfortunately, in the past a few unscrupulous officials abused their position by accepting bribes to provide bookings to applicants. This will no longer be possible.
  • The booking system calculates the number of available test appointments at any given DLTC based on the capacity of the centre in question. This capacity will be determined and set up by the Inspectorate of Driving Licences, and examiners will be unable to perform more tests than the number allowed.
  • Information about examiners who will be conducting specific tests will not be available to applicants (and vice versa). Only on the day of the test will this information be made available. This will eliminate the abusive practice where certain applicants are tested by specific examiners who have been bribed to pass them.
  • Anonymous applicants will not be able to make block bookings. This will prevent unscrupulous driving schools from bribing officials and ‘hogging’ test slots, even though they may not have applicants to fill those slots.
  • The scheduled test times and dates are visible to the Inspectorate of Driving Licences and the Department of Transport’s Investigations and Forensics Sub-directorate. This will provide additional audit information on examiners and controls on applicants they have tested.
  • It is not be possible to capture test results or the issuing of a licence on the system if a test appointment was not made. In the past applicants were marked as having passed although an application for a test was never made.
  • Diaries of examiners will be fully controlled by DLTC managers/supervisors. The additional management involvement will compel examiners and management to work together, thus improving accountability and also providing a structured work environment.
  • Since the booking system does not allow the replacement of one applicant with another for a specific test, corrupt officials will no longer be able to do so in return for bribes.
  • All booking transactions performed will be audited and available for management reports.


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