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Report Bad Driving

October 13th, 2007  |  Published in safety

I saw this on the Arrive Alive blog the other day and thought it might be valuable for you to take note.

You can register on the Arrive Alive and help make our roads safer simply by reporting bad driving on our roads when you see it.

Cooperation between the public and traffic authorities are required if we would like to achieve greater road safety. It is important that the public can raise their concerns on specific threats to road safety and that these threats are addressed.

South Africans can register as Voluntary Traffic Observers and report bad drivers to the National Traffic Call Centre at the RTMC. This can be done via telephone to the Number 0861 400 800 or even on-line from the Arrive Alive website.

Head over to the article at the arrive alive blog here to find out more.

Help make our roads safe

October 10th, 2007  |  Published in General News

Make Roads Safe

Make Roads Safe is an international campaign to put global road traffic injuries on the G8 and UN sustainability agendas.

Did you know? Every six seconds someone is killed or maimed on the world’s roads.

Building on the work of the Commission for Global Road Safety, the Make Roads Safe campaign aims to raise public and political awareness of a global road traffic injury epidemic that kills at least 3000 people, and 500 children, every day.

In March 2008 the United Nations General Assembly is due to hold a debate on the global road safety crisis.

We need to ensure that this debate results in a strong UN resolution demanding action to reduce road traffic injuries in low and middle income countries.

With your help we can begin to Make Roads Safe. Please join the campaign by signing the petition below which will be delivered to the UN Secretary General in advance of the UN debate.

So head over to makeroadssafe.org and sign their petition. It only takes a second and it’s for a good cause.