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Smell your way to Road Safety

September 18th, 2007  |  Published in General News

I found on Cherryflava this morning about this new and interesting “anti-talk and drive” advertising campaign cleverly disguised as a perfume ad being run in the Czech Republic.

The perfume is called Crash and smells like burnt rubber, petrol, urine and road kill.

Check out the video. I don’t know what those people are smelling, but it must smell disgusting.

If you watch the video to the end where they then show you the results of the campaign, you’ll see it actually got people to buy hands-free kits for their cars, so it did work.

Funny: Busses Only!

September 16th, 2007  |  Published in driving tips, funny

Learnership Opportunity with PUTCO

September 4th, 2007  |  Published in General News

TETAPUTCO in association with the Transport Education and Training Authority are offering Learnership opportunities towards the national certificate in professional driving at the PUTCO Corporate Training and Development Centre: Wynberg – Santon


PUTCO Ltd is the largest bus company in South Africa and transports more than 73 million passengers each year. Our fleet of 1 600 buses cover more than 90 million kilometers per year.

The training that we will be offering will be specific to the bus industry and will cover aspects like customer service, what to do in an accident, etc.

Candidates who are willing to pursue a career as a professional driver in the Road Passenger Transport Industry must have:

  • Grade 10 (Std. 8) or equivalent qualification
  • Valid drivers license (code EC; EC1 0.4 or C) (NOT C1 or EC1)
  • Valid PrDP (Public Driver’s Permit)

Conditions of employment will include: (As per Sectoral Determination No 5: Learnerships)

  • A learnership contract
  • A learner allowance

Persons who are currently not employed, are under the age of 35 and meet the above criteria are invited to forward their applications to:

PRETORIAMeshack Modise,
P.O. Box, 48244, Hercules, 0030
or, faxed to 086 659 7448
or, e-mailed to meshackm [at] putco [dot] co [dot] za
or, hand delivered at 33 van der Hoff Road, Sandfontein
JOHANNESBURGKgomotso Mogotsi,
Private Bag 3, Wendywood, 2144
or, faxed to 086 523 5051
or, e-mailed to kgomotsom [at] putco [dot] co [dot] za
or, hand delivered at 1 Ignatius Street, Selby

Applications close 21 September 2007

Good Idea or Bad Idea? Free Business Idea

September 3rd, 2007  |  Published in business

I had some arbitrary business idea earlier today, which it could either be really good, or really illegal, I’m not sure which :)

My mother went to the traffic department to pay for a speeding ticket for my brother, because he was working and couldn’t take off to go pay for it. So my mother asked sincerely if she could get a discount, and she got quite a substantial discount.

So, I was thinking, the Traffic Departments often have a hard time collecting fines from people, and a lot of the time if could just be because it’s too difficult to take time off work stand in long queue’s at the traffic department and loss out on soo much precious time in our lives, only to lose money, so we put it off until the absolute last moment. We want to be legal and pay our fines and make this world a better place and all that jazz, but the system just makes it impossible, or at least very difficult, for us to do the right thing.

So, I thought why doesn’t someone, collect fines from people and offer to take care of them on their behalf, say with a 5% discount on their fines even. So you don’t have to spend your time in long queue’s and you get a discount on your fine. This business then takes all those collected fines and pays them in bulk at their local traffic department for a greater discount than what they are offering to their customers. You would obviously need to work out with your local traffic department how much discount you would be eligible for, for early payment and bulk discount, etc. Perhaps have something in writing and signed by the right people, and make it all legal and above board.

It’s a win-win situation. The traffic departments don’t have to chase after people trying to get money out them, they get paid painlessly. And, people who owe the traffic department fines, can pay them with a discount, effortlessly and painlessly, without wasting their time.

Another arbitrary thought that popped in my head just now, is people would probably be more willing to pay their traffic fines, if it positively influenced their credit rating. Does it at the moment? I’m not sure.

But, I think my business idea is quite brilliant :) What do you think?

Funny! Pictures of Really Bad Drivers

September 2nd, 2007  |  Published in funny

I found this on Digg just now. 13 Photo’s of the worlds dumbest drivers. They’re so bad in fact, i find myself wondering how on earth they manage to accomplish what they did! It’s really amazing :)

Check it out here.