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August 18th, 2017  |  Published in driving tips

Friday. That’s the day, according to Dialdirect, when most accidents are likely to occur in South Africa. Need something more specific? How about between 15h00 and 18h00. That’s the time that most of these accidents take place. Dialdirect plans to use insights like these, and more, to inspire and urge South Africans to drive right with its new smartphone App.

The App uses the latest in international telematics technology to monitor driving behaviour. If you drive and insure right, you can get up to 75% cash back, every single month. This is significantly higher than the rewards programmes offered by any competing insurance brands and is the first offering of its kind in the market.

According to Warwick Scott-Rodger, Executive Head of Dialdirect: “It’s no secret that insurance is seen as a grudge purchase.  With our App, we are turning this general consensus, as well as the traditional insurance model, on its head. Now, consumers have the opportunity to participate in their risk management and tangibly determine what they pay for insurance. In other words, do your thing, get back ching.”

To get cash back, customers must play their part and drive and insure right. This is a true partnership between the insurer and the insured.

Scott-Rodger believes that this partnership between insurers and drivers is not only limited to the cash-back transaction, but will extend to making a positive difference on South Africa’s roads. “Providing a financial incentive to drive right will make our roads safer – which is obviously in all of our best interests.”

The App’s payback functionality is available to Dialdirect customers, but anyone can benefit from a number of features on the app, including monitoring their driving, participating in driver challenges and winning vouchers.

Driving right makes a difference                  

The Gauteng Roads and Transport Departments said this year that 77.5% of fatal crashes and 89.1% of major crashes are as a result of “human factors”. In light of this, making drivers more cognisant of their behaviour behind the wheel could go a long way to reducing road incidents.

One of the seven drive score factors that the Dialdirect App measures is cellphone use – which is the cause of around 25% of accidents on South African roads. The other six factors are braking, acceleration, night-time driving, speeding, route risk index and distance.

“Improving on these seven drive scores will help in reducing the devastation we currently experience on our roads every day,” says Scott-Rodger.

To download the app and start making South Africa’s roads safer, visit the Playstore or iTunes and search for Dialdirect Insurance App.

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5 Most Affordable Cars in South Africa

November 16th, 2016  |  Published in business

Chery QQ3 0.8 TE

Looking to buy a new car on a very tight budget? With the prices of new cars continually on the rise, buying a new car may not be affordable for everyone, however, there are still offerings you can consider on a limited budget.
With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of five of the most affordable new cars in South Africa, within the R90 000 – R130 000 bracket. And if these five best value cars still don’t quite meet your needs and you’d rather explore the used-car market, find out which cars can save you more by checking out The Cheapest Used Cars to Insure in South Africa from Hippo.co.za.
But before you decide on which route to go, take a closer look at some of the most affordable cars in South Africa at the moment.

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First-time Driver’s Guide to Car Insurance

March 17th, 2016  |  Published in business

car insurance One of the queries we receive from the parents of first time drivers is usually, “What do I need to know about my car insurance when a first-time driver is driving my vehicle?” Before we address the answer let it be known that the minimum requirement for any driver to be able to claim from your insurance provider is that the driver be in possession of a learner’s license. To find the most up to date information we Googled Car Insurance and contacted one of the insurance companies found in the search results. In this case we contacted MiWay Car Insurance via the online contact form on their website.

MiWay is a direct short-term insurer and financial services company, offering customers a range of short-term insurance products including motor, household, homeowners, business insurance – as well as liability cover.

MiWay then called back within a few hours to answer my questions pertaining to first-time or learner drivers. As expected, when claiming, the first-time driver involved in the claim must at least have a learners license and be driving with a licensed driver when the incident occurred. Other factors that impact your claim is the age of the first-time driver and also the time the incident happened. You car insurance excess will be higher if the driver is under the age of 24 and the incident occurred on the weekend between 8pm and 6am. Be sure not to teach your children your drive then. We would of course recommend they  utilise the services of the many driving schools here instead. Before you embark on a drive with a learner driver please ensure that your insurance is up to date. You can contact MiWay for a quote if unsure.

Miway offers innovation in insurance such as buying managing of policies online, having a quick hail claim process to avoid the call centre queues after big storms, auto authorisation of glass claims when completed online for qualifying clients), the app (claim, accident reports, generate and send documents (confirmation of cover, border letters).



Insurance Telematics and Tailored Coverage

November 24th, 2015  |  Published in business

With the festive season fast approaching, road safety is at the top of most drivers’ concerns. This is not surprising as this time of year accounts for the most road accidents across the country. This is not to say that drivers across the country are just taking liberties with road regulations but that there are a few bad apples compromising everyone else on the road. With that said the advent of technologies such as telematics we can take back the power and not have to be accountable for other people’s mistakes, giving a lot of drivers peace of mind.

Telematics becomes especially important with regards to insurance, because in most cases your premiums are determined by generalised demographic probability. This means, for instance, if you are a male between the ages 18-35 you pay more just because statistically you are more likely to get into an accident. This is not ideal if you feel you are an excellent driver. It’s not all doom and gloom though, as telematics now allows insurance companies to provide tailored coverage, meaning your premiums are decided on your own personal driving style.

When you hear about this, you may think ‘yes, finally, I can now actually pay as I drive and not be subjected to inflated premiums based on stats I feel I don’t fit into’. Now what is this telematics thing? A recent article by Hippo titled “Insurance Telematics and Tailored Coverage” elaborates on what telematics is and how it works; I have put together some of the highlights from that article.

What is Telematics?

“A branch of information technology dealing with long distance transmission of computerized information”


  1. A transmitter tracks driver behaviour including acceleration, rev count, braking and cornering while synced to a GPS system.
  2. This information is relayed to a data centre.
  3. The data is analysed at these data centres and reports your driving habits to the insurance provider.
  4. The insurance provider analyses the reports and assesses your premium.
  5. After this assessment good driving habits are rewarded with lower premiums saving you money.

This service not only applies to individuals but is available to logistics companies alike. This means companies can better manage their fleets, providing better security.

There might be security concerns about privacy and the abuse of personal information, but fret not—this won’t be a problem as all personal information will be protected by the Protection of Personal Information Act, so you can rest easy knowing no one will be maxing out your bank account. If you find paying less for your premiums intriguing as I do, visit Hippo for the full article.

What to do if a person is arrested for Drunken Driving

March 30th, 2015  |  Published in driving tips

drunk driving

drunken driving

Remain calm and collected. Do not resist arrest or become violent, even if force is used. You don’t want to prejudice your chances to be released on bail

2. You have the right to be treated with dignity and to remain silent Pay attention to whether you are informed of your rights (if at all) and other things said by the arresting officer.. You must however provide your full names. You have the right to phone one person (A friend/relative or Attorney).

3. You may not refuse to provide a blood sample. The district surgeon, a registered nurse, or prison medical officer will take a blood specimen within 2 hours of arrest and submit to the state laboratory for analysis.

4. Follow the instructions of the arresting officer. Chances are good that you will be kept at the police station until you have sobered up, and you may be released with a warning to appear before court within 48 hours. You may also be kept behind bars.

5. It is important to note the details and the name of the police station you are in, the case number for your case, the name of the investigating officer. Your attorney will require the info.

Considering that 65% of road accidents are related to alcohol abuse, let’s hope South African’s are responsible and put safety first this Easter weekend.

As Easter weekend approaches, South African’s will make their yearly migration to holiday destinations to spend time with their families and loved ones. While many will be enjoying the traditional pickled fish, chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, others will lose their lives on the road.

According to the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) the Easter road death toll dropped from a staggering 241 in 2013, to only 193 in 2014. This is an indication that great headway has been made to reduce the road death toll in South Africa, unfortunately speed and alcohol remain the main reasons for road accidents. It is estimated that around 330 motorists were arrested over last year’s Easter weekend for drunken driving alone.

Wandile Dumakude, legal expert at LIPCO Law for All, explains that many South African’s think they know their drinking limits or have quick fix solutions to sober up,  but these limits usually do not measure up against those set by law or by the human body. “A person is over the legal limit if his breath alcohol content is in excess of 0.24mg per 1,000ml or his blood alcohol concentration in excess of 0.05g per 100ml. The rule of thumb for any motorist is a maximum of 1 unit per alcohol per hour. Biologically the human body can only process one unit every hour, despite drinking lots of water, strong black coffee or taking a cold shower. These tricks do little to help sober a person up,” says Dumakude.

But what does this mean in layman’s terms? Dumakude explains that “a 75ml glass of your favourite wine will amount to about one unit. But be cautious, because that means a 250ml glass will amount to 3, 3 units. A spirit cooler or beer amounts to roughly about 1,25 units, while a 25ml tot of whiskey or brandy to a unit. Cocktails and shooters are a bit more tricky and dangerous, as one glass could easily amount to 2-4 units.”

Many South African’s are aware of the fact that many drivers are let off the hook due to unreliable blood alcohol specimens, and fail to comprehend the seriousness of the crime. If found guilty, a person faces 6 years imprisonment or a R120 000 fine, a suspended driver’s licence and criminal record. That is not even mentioning the repercussions should someone die as a result of a road accident. “The real reason people should not drive under the influence is the fact that they might cause the death of someone. You stand to face a charge of culpable homicide, and prosecutors are increasingly accusing motorists of murder.” Dumakude warns motorists.

New regulation stipulating that driving instructors have to undergo the same training as examiners

October 11th, 2014  |  Published in General News  |  1 Comment

ALL KZN driving schools are advised to attend the launch of a new regulation stipulating that instructors have to undergo the same training as examiners.

Mphakamseni Mthethwa, Director of Empangeni-based Mthethwa’s Driving School and Department of Transport (DOT) task team member, said the amended bill is aimed at alleviating the high rate of road accidents in the province.

‘Following a spate of deliberations and workshops with the provincial driving school sector and subsequent engagements with legal teams and DOT, a task team has compiled a comprehensive Driving School Regulatory Framework for KZN,’ he said.

The National Road Traffic Amendment Bill implemented this year aims to have all driving school owners and instructors undergo the exact same training as DOT examiners in the hope of regulating the industry and to prohibit the operation of unregistered and ungraded driving schools and instructors.

‘There are one million accidents per year, 114 every hour and every 37 minutes someone dies on our roads. The average duration of an accident is 2.7 seconds, but the aftermath of that is lifelong,’ said Road Accident Fund CEO Dr Eugene Watson.

Read more at zululandobserver.co.za

Code 8 or 10 License + PDP Drivers wanted urgently

June 17th, 2014  |  Published in driving licenses  |  6 Comments

apply hereLulaway Smart Recruitment have driver jobs available for Code 8 and Code 10 Licensed drivers with PDP. Gauteng’s Department of Social Development has recognised these barriers to entry, as well as our company’s efforts to rectify these inefficiencies, and have decided thrown their full support behind the Lulaway project. They hosted an event in June 2012, where many business leaders were invited and asked to invest in this project by using Lulaway for their entry level and semi skilled recruiting.

The response was overwhelming and combined with the Department opening of 10 Luluway Job Centres and commitment to open another 10 in remote areas, it means we can really begin to bring a lot more valuable employment opportunities and support structures to areas deprived of the necessary technologies.

Should you wish to apply for a Driver Job in Gauteng for Code 8, Code 10 + PDP or motorbike (code A) jobs. Enter your name, cell phone number here & Lulaway will contact you.

Starting your own business and need to buy a second hand bakkie? A large range of pre-owned bakkies are available to purchase here.

Win a Weekend Away for You + 3 Friends

June 8th, 2014  |  Published in cool stuff

Win a Weekend Away for you & 3 mates
Need to escape the gridlock of rush hour traffic from Monday to Friday? A weekend away is probably just what you need to recharge the batteries. We’re talking lazy afternoon braais, pool at the local pub, drinks under the stars and hey, some new gear wouldn’t hurt either.

Mr Price have an epic collection of winter menswear featuring long-sleeved tees, fleece pullovers for easy layering, and sherpa-lined jackets – ideal for those chilly days there’s loads of printed and check shirts that’ll take you straight from the office and onto the road in style. If it’s denim you’re after, you’ll find jeans with distressed details and paneled button-ups with worn-in washes.

Just about ready to hit the dusty trail? Then, you’ll want to enter this! Mr Price are offering you the chance to win a weekend getaway for you and three mates. Don’t forget the pre-trip inspection 😉

Head to the Mr P Facebook page and let them know if you’d prefer a ‘Berg, beach or bush experience. No matter which one you choose, one thing’s for sure – this will be an adventure to remember.

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The Petrol Price and Driving Lessons

September 12th, 2013  |  Published in cool stuff

The first thing most learner drivers usually ask the driving schools here is, “What do your driving lessons cost?” Although there are many factors responsible for the cost of driving lessons we think the petrol price has the biggest impact. South Africans were paying 339% less for petrol ten years ago. In August 2004, unleaded fuel on the reef was priced at R4.00 a litre, with diesel at R3.29. Look at how the petrol price has increased over the last 10 years in South Africa in this infographic sponsored by Cars.co.za:

petrol price infographic

What does it cost to fill you car?

One-Day Driving School National Summit

February 24th, 2013  |  Published in business  |  1 Comment

Driving School SummitCall for an Expression of Interest from any driving school owner and/or instructor who wishes to participate in a one-day Driving School Summit to be held in Gauteng on 22 March 2013.

Send the following details to the contact details below:

  • Name of Driving School
  • Name of Owner/Instructor
  • Province/Town
  • Business/Home Telephone No.
  • Cellphone No.
  • E-mail Address
  • Fax No.

Note: It is not necessary to attach any certificates to this form.

All interested persons should complete this form and forward it to the contact persons listed below, by no later than 5 March 2013. An invitation with the venue for the Summit will then be forwarded. Attendance of the Summit is on a first come first serve basis. This is a re-advertisement and interested persons should express their interest again. Only one person per driving school will be accommodated.


  • Ms Granny Sebake, tel. (012) 999-5243 or e-mail: GrannyS@rtmc.co.za or nds.summit@rtmc.co.za or fax: 086 668 9140
  • Ms Elizabeth van der Merwe, tel. (012) 999-5315 or e-mail: ElizabethV@rtmc.co.za or fax: 086 665 9248
  • Ms Stephinah Segalagala, tel. (012) 999-5317 or e-mail: StephinahS@rtmc.co.za