Aspigon Driving Academy

Learners Package  doneon the old system and have your learners in a week. First driving lesson is free if you do your learners with us.


Aspigon Driving Academy aims to give you the tools required to pass your Learners License or Drivers license with ease.

We believe that with the?correct K53 Instructions, young and old can pass their learners test or driving test the first time. Our driving instructors boasts a 95% pass rate.

With Aspigon Driving Academy it's as easy as A, B, C.

A - Contact us to book your driving lessons. We have various offers for
everyone from new drivers to previous "illegal" drivers, Inluding a unique Learners Package.

B - Practice makes Perfect. Hit the road with a friend or family member to practice and let the confidence that our lessons provides accompany you.

C - Take the test and feel the freedom of being able to drive safely and legally when you want to, and where you want to.

Putting safe and legal drivers on the roads of South Africa, however,? is not an easy task.
The best we can do is to teach you the correct way of doing things, like obeservations, thinking ahead, what to do at an intersection etc. After that the ball is in your court and your safety and the safety of others is in your hands.