1TIME Driving School Cape Town


1TIME DRIVING SCHOOL cc * Qualified K53 instructor * from Mon till Sun . for any info or bookings u welcome to contact us

#We Provide!
•Practical in-car training
•We supply a free collect and drop service to our clients
•Patient instructors
•All vehicles are comprehensively insured
•Highly trained instructors with instructor’s certificates

#*We will show you the route at the testing centre

# Full packages can be tailor made to suit your needs and to help you obtain your driver’s licence as quick and as efficiently as possible. There are: •Single Hour Rates •Multiple Hour Rates •Discounted Packages •Booking of Instructor •Flexibility in Vehicle Requirement •4 ID Photos

# The K53 

What the tests covers

The tests consist of the following:

•A pre-trip inspection of the vehicle's roadworthiness.
•A yard test of your basic maneuvering skills,
•Turning around in the road: 'three-point turn' (light vehicles only);
•Alley docking:
•Parallel parking (light vehicles only);
•Stopping and moving off on an incline;
•A road test conducted on public roads carrying traffic, including the following situations where available:
•Obeying traffic signals;
•Turning left and right at intersections;
•Proceeding through an intersection;
•Obeying Yield signs and traffic lights and traffic circle
•An emergency stop