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  • Randburg, Gauteng: Hennie / Solemien Roets, Kevin Peter, Maretha Hermann, Tim Lockyer, Elliott Myhill, George Smith, Jacques Du Plessis, Morgan Du Preez, Amahle Driving School, Steve Hermann, Deon van Wijk, Glen Kenmuir, Egbert & Marlese ., Deon Zastron, Marco Fourie, Joseph Mthunzi, Andre Myhill, Zantie Weber (Marais), Tracey Hyde, Gordon Underwood, Zara Davis, Ricky Miranda, Renier Saunders
  • Bellville, Western Cape: Elda Labuschagne, Marlene Hampson, Siviwe Melani, John Barnard, Grant Hamel, Anthony Sampson, Adrid Lawrence, Delme Petersen, Mike Clark, Nabeal Hendricks, Bernard Isaacs, Peter Adams
  • Benoni, Gauteng: Charles Loyd, Yvonne Brooks, Brigitte Swanepoel, AROUND THE BLOCK Driving School, Coco Brooks, Stella Mulder, Marius Swanepoel, Salome Capes, Colin Herr, Ashley Webster, Chris Velleman
  • Ocean View, Western Cape: Alida Jones
  • Braamfontein, Gauteng: George Smith, Glen Kenmuir, Andre Myhill, Zantie Weber (Marais), Amahle Driving School, Wendy Teppan, Egbert & Marlese .
  • Bryanston, Gauteng: Kevin Peter, Deon Zastron, Ricky Miranda, Gordon Underwood, Glen Kenmuir, Zantie Weber (Marais), Morgan Du Preez, Maretha Hermann, Steve Hermann, Hennie / Solemien Roets, Brian Coutts, Andre Myhill, Elliott Myhill, Tracey Hyde, Renier Saunders, Egbert & Marlese .
  • Rosebank, Gauteng: Gordon Underwood, Kevin Peter, Ricky Miranda, Brian Coutts, Morgan Du Preez, George Smith, David Arnott, Delme Petersen, Adrid Lawrence, Adbul-Kader Sait, AROUND THE BLOCK Driving School, Deon Zastron, Colin Herr, Audy Speak, Egbert & Marlese ., Tim Lockyer, Glen Kenmuir, Shafiek Moses, Gary Augustyn, Andre Myhill, Hennie / Solemien Roets, Tracey Hyde, Zantie Weber (Marais)
  • Kensington, Gauteng: Wendy Teppan, Colin Herr, Adbul-Kader Sait, Kim Marshall, Gary Augustyn, Raymond Beard, Nabeal Hendricks, George Smith, Brian Coutts, Audy Speak
  • Homestead, Gauteng: Coco Brooks, Yvonne Brooks, Wendy Teppan, George Smith, AROUND THE BLOCK Driving School, Stella Mulder
  • Germiston, Gauteng: Chris Velleman, Brigitte Swanepoel, Colin Herr, Raymond Beard, Yvonne Brooks, Coco Brooks, Charles Loyd, Stella Mulder, AROUND THE BLOCK Driving School, Marius Swanepoel